About us

The Young Republicans of Pennsylvania is the premiere Republican organization for young professionals and adults in the Commonwealth. We are comprised of member counties from across the state, organized into 6 regional caucuses and a statewide Executive Board. The Executive Board is elected bi-annually in even numbered years and more information on the team that is currently serving can be found under Leadership.
The Young Republicans of Pennsylvania have five objectives:

  1. To develop and maintain an intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable YR organization.
  2. To bring young people into the Republican Party and to provide an opportunity for them to find political expression and recognition.
  3. To train young people as effective political operatives.
  4. To work in harmony with the Republican National Committee and Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania.
  5. To support the principles, objectives and platform of the Republican Party and to secure the election of all duly nominated Republican candidates.

To this end, we are active in a vast variety of ways, both in our county chapters and as a Federation. Pennsylvania YRs current serve in the state legislature, as county commissioners, campaign managers, political consultants, county party leaders and in local elected positions of all kinds. PAYRs staff campaigns of all sizes, from presidential to township supervisor and put in countless hours supporting our Republican candidates. We also work hard to provide opportunities for PAYRs, through training, mentoring, development programs, activism opportunities and access to Party leaders.

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