PA brings full delegation to YRNC

Over the first weekend in August, the Pennsylvania Young Republicans had the privilege of attending the Young Republican National Convention in Chicago, along with delegates from states across the country. Over the course of four days, delegates and guests were able to attend a number of leadership workshops and presentations hosted by such organizations as the Leadership Institute and the Log Cabin Republicans, in addition to a Q&A with Jeb Bush, Jr.

On Friday, the National Committee voted to charter both New Hampshire as well as Puerto Rico – a very exciting moment! It was also voted upon to award the next National Convention Site to Annapolis. The Annapolis Mayor, Michael Pantelides, was in attendance to witness the momentous event for his city.

Pennsylvania brought a total of 23 delegates to the Convention held on Saturday morning. It was the first time Pennsylvania delivered a full delegation in over a decade. The PAYRs had two members running on the YRUnite ticket – one member of their executive board, Michael Puskaric, running for election to the office of Northeastern Regional Vice-Chair, as well as another PAYR, Jonathon Hauenschild, was slated to be appointed as Bylaws and Rules Committee Chairperson. Mike Puskaric, a 3rd generation businessman, is the former treasurer of the Young Republicans of Allegheny County and the current National Committeeman for the PAYRs. Jonathon Hauenschild, attorney and legislative analyst, formerly served the PAYRs in the capacity as Executive Director and the Constitution and Bylaws chair, on which he still serves. Both Mike Puskaric and Jonathon Hauenschild were successful in their endeavors and will now serve the YRNF in their respective roles for the next two years. The YRUnite ticket was also successful in electing Dennis Cook of Illinois and Chris Carmona of Texas as Chair and Vice-Chair of the YRNF, respectively.

On Saturday night, the Chicago YRs hosted a gala at the Navy Pier Grand Ballroom. Besides the newly elected officials swearing-in ceremony, the attendees also heard from a number of great speakers. After the gala, the Young Republican National Federation bid their farewell to outgoing-Chairman Jason Weingartner, in a States First Throwback party, commemorating his first campaign for the YRNF Executive Board.

Pennsylvania’s delegates had the honor of representing our great commonwealth, joining like-minded young professionals, and standing shoulder to shoulder as the best hope America has to forge a bright future full of prosperity and greatness. That bright future starts now.

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